6 August 2009

Andrew Lawrence - Soul-Crushing Vicissitudes of Fortune!

Three years ago I saw a twelve year old Andrew (okay he was 25) with huge ginger hairdo perform a vicious routine with incredible lyrical dexterity.  He was nomination for the Best Newcomer Award but I didn't feel he was my cup of tea.  The following year he was nominated for the top award in what I believe is the first ever back-to-back newcomer-to-main award nomination.  On that basis I took another look last year and I was not disappointed.  This year Andrew steps up to a much bigger venue (and a cooler one) and sucks you in to his world like very few of the top comics can.  You really believe everything he says, whether he is hating his life, his job, his agent or his life.  He has slightly more confidence than last year and is a bit more relaxed, which translates to apathy to the audience, which translates to laughs.  Inside 10 minutes of his show I had huge tears dropping from my eyes on to my trousers (not streaming down my cheeks as I was bent double with laughter).  Any comic who viciously attacks reviews and the media at the same time as crucifying the latest Star Trek film gets my endorsement.   He could still tighten his show to hit the highs of a 10 and make himself a contender again this year (which he deserved last year but they had one less nominee (probably a ticketing problem!)).  Disturbed, superb and oddly-poetic - 9 out of 10 or 5 stars in poster-speak.

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