12 May 2009

We Wan(t) Colber(t) Back on (T)V!

W(T)F?  FX UK have really FX'ed up!  According to my TV Guide and this knowledgeable website, The Colbert Report (pronounced The Col-bear Re-pour) has been dropped from the 1st May.  I am not amused.  Stephen Colber(t) is one of the finest performances I have ever seen and his persona has be a living breathing person.  More 4 should do the right thing and put it on straight after the Daily Show (with Jon Steward) which is where Colber(t) started.  Maybe they could even buy up Important Things with Demetri Martin (rather than that going to Comedy Central UK nee Paramount Comedy), and then Comedy Central (US) could give John Oliver his own show to make two solid hours of unparalleled non-fictional comedy.  Also, have I ever used so many parentheses? ;-)

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