21 May 2009

Ghostly 1980s TV Commercials Save The Day!

The mid-80s is incredibly cool right now, or maybe it never stopped being cool...  The Directory Enquiry service 118118 has moved on from it's A-Team adverts to a classic one starring Ray Parker Jnr signing "Who You Gonna Call".  As the same time, Citro├źn's latest advert has Ghostbustering cars with proton packs battling a giant vehicle monster (not sure what it's about but it uses RPJ's song again so it's cool).  All this means that, despite the hideous Knight Rider show, people are still desperate for all the best bits from 25 years ago.  So now, after many years of trying it looks like, gasp, stay calm, The Ghostbusters Are Back!  The script is done, the cast are on-board, Harold Ramis will direct as Ivan Reitman has too many other things on.  No crappy "reboot", just our heroes continuing from where they left of, double negatives and all!  I ain't afraid of no ghost..

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