4 August 2008

Tim Minchin - Are You Ready For This?

The real question, to the musically talented Tim, should be 'Are you ready for this'? Sadly the answer will be no. Three years ago Tim grabbed the Best Newcomer Award with a fantastic show 'Darkside' which I had about ten songs, five of which I will never forget. The follow-up show, 'So Rock', had maybe 9 songs, two of which were brilliant and one was so pointless I wish it was never performed. A year without a full show has gone by (probably due to the birth of his daughter) and Tim is back but not ready. Less songs, not one was memorable and the finale was insulting to the crusade. The opening song touches on racial discrimination but within seconds the anagram is solved and the gag is clear to me (good gag, but dragged on far too long). Skip forward several one gag songs, and we reach a song about his wife not being the one that is only really made funny by the anecdote afterwards. A couple more songs that blend into another half hour of disappointment, punctures only by one decent beat poem (with minimal gags) and a couple of baby gags from his wife (excellent as they were, you really have to believe they did come from his wife as Tim's stand-up, as the opening 10 minutes showed, is quite shocking). Finally, with no encore to come and therefore no reprise of Canvas Bags, we reach his final effort about the cruelties of making bears dance. He is accompanied by a bear (looking more like a dog) who clearly doesn't want to dance. Then, in a bizarre moment of irony which he had already refused to do for a song about Jesus and Gays, he gets the bear to breakdance and dramatically soften the impact of the seriousness of the issue. Granted it will get remembered more but I really feel it will lessen the torture bears are put through by such practises and enable more apathy. Quite disappointed, but thanks to two gags from your wife and a callback to the previous shows you get 7 out of 10 (although that means the best parts of a musical comedy show is the talking).

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