3 August 2008

Sammy J in The Forrest of Dreams

Sammy J is a Melbourne based musical comic who, through despising Disney, ends up trapped in a magic world and needs to escape. We journey along with the real life Sammy J and around eight puppets of all shapes and sizes that are incredibly well made, voiced and animated (mainly through his co-star Heath McIvor who doesn't appear in the flesh). This show was nominated for the top prize in the Melbourne Comedy Festival this year and won the coveted Critics Award too (following on from Lawrence Leung last year), and if there is any just in the world they will be up for the main prize in Edinburgh too. From start to finish this is a simply superb show with a fast moving storyline, intoxicated songs and hilarious gags. Absolutely not for children.

10 out of 10 - arrive very early and sit right in the middle of the front row for the best experience!

Update: I was chatting with Kate Copstick later in the evening regarding a few shows and whilst she hadn't seen this she was fully aware of everyone talking about it. Prior to that I also had five minutes with Sammy who showed us the great efforts they had to go to to get a huge truck packed up to bring it over here.

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