4 August 2008

Rhod Gilbert and the Award Winning Mince Pie

Last year my festival exploded into life with the magnificent Rhod Gilbert wondering Who's Eaten Gilbert's Grape? Too much noise was made about Michael McIntyre not getting nominated for the top award when the biggest crime was Rhod not getting nominated. This year, much like Phil Nichol, the same crime will not repeat itself. Rhod has got to be one of the strong favourites alongside Sammy J and Andrew Lawrence. This year Rhod has decided to venture away from his safe made-up world and journey into the scary real world. After a few months of pain it all came crashing down in the form of a nervous breakdown in Nutsford Motorway Service Station. I felt Rhod's pain. Twice during his performance, having been overcome with incessant belly laughter, I found the muscles around my diaphragm aching and I could not inhale - I was too sore with laughing to breathe!
10 out of 10 - another work of art, back-to-back brilliance and if he doesn't get a nomination and win the top award, the IF.com Eddie ... we riot!

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