4 August 2008

Pappy's Fun Club - Funergy

Pappy's Fun Club were nominated for the If.com Eddie Award last year and a few derisive things were said about them, including they were cheap copies of the previous year's nominees We Are Klang. Let's get this straight, Pappy's Fun Club are nothing like Klang. They are not as mischievous, they are not as maverick and they are no where near as brilliant. They do laugh frequently throughout their show and improvise regarding screw ups a few times, and unfortunately some of the bigger laughs were from those incidents. They do have some similarity to an earlier nominated group, Dutch Elm Conservatoire, however that is just really for their story arc-ing style and certainly not their writing ability. On a positive note they do bring fun to the show and there are a few moments of imagination in there, but nowhere near to the level of Klang or Dutch Elm. They are as they look: fresh-faced students putting on a decent show and making people laugh. Maybe in a few years they might grow into award winning performers but they are still some way off that.
They are good, but not brilliant and as such get 7 out of 10 (but if you've never seen any sketch group before, they are probably the best around this year).

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