18 August 2008

O2 3G not UP in SC

When you run through a basic trouble-shooting routine as to why you can't send emails or blog from you phone, way down the list is 'maybe the 3G data network is down for the entire of Scotland'. If it had have been further up my list maybe I wouldn't have wasted so much time yesterday trying to find and fix the fault; I could have just phoned O2 and asked, incredible as it sounds, 'Is your 3G GPRS network down for every customer in Scotland, including anyone who has just paid over the odds for a 3G iPhone or owns a 3G data card, often for business laptops, and is it likely to be down for a couple of days?' to which the answer would come 'Yes'. O2 try something new today - like a network that doesn't work as it should, that's quite novel!

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