3 August 2008

Nick Doody - World of Doody

Nick Doody had a breakthrough show a couple of years ago and then the inevitable weaker second show last year. The hope was that he would be back to his best this year, but that hasn't really transpired. Nick presents a show with some new and quite original concepts for routines and gags but his delivery and, to an extent, joke writing lets him down. If Nick had another person guiding him along I feel he would be a lot stronger. He has talent and would make an excellent writer (so long as there was someone there to do some editing), but his delivery and segues are not up to the right level ("Has it ever happened to you.." was a frequent line). To give you an example of his good concepts, hiring a babysitter is a normal occurrence but when she comes around and finds you don't have a child it gets a bit awkward. It gets even tenser when she then finds out you aren't going out. While he did entertain I spent some of the time thinking through his routine and writing my own jokes from his ideas or imagining another performer delivering them in a more authoritative manner. 7 out of 10 and hopefully he will improve for next year.

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