20 July 2008

New Scoring System

I've been thinking over the last little while that marks out of five don't really cut it anymore as there is too much confusion, e.g. is 3 out of 5 good? It is actually 6 out of 10 which is less flattering. There were only two ways to address this: use half marks or scale up to a base-10 marking system. I'm now going to work on the following scoring structure:

10 - Simply brilliant! Beg, steal or lie to see this!
9 - Very good, highly enjoyable, worth the price.
8 - Quite good and if you can get in cheaper go ahead.
7 - Good entertainment but only for die-hard fans or half price tickets
6 - Okay but too much padding. Tickets must be free or you need to be able to fast forward segments!
5 - One small part is interesting but you are better off hearing that from a friend.
4 - Walk out and don't look back, save your precious time. Nothing of note.
3 - Start to get angry at the waste of money and effort from the creators that could have been better spent doing anything else!
2 - Mercy killings might be a good idea to prevent any future abominations.
1 - CIA use this as part of their "enhanced interegation" torture programme.

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