7 August 2008

Marcus Birdman - Sympathy for the Devil

Marcus made a lot of noise last year with a strong show last year, Son of a Preacher Man (which he is), and looked like he was going to follow it up with the other half this year. Unfortunately early on he announces it's not so much about sympathy for the Devil, but apathy for God. He is, it seems, carrying on last year's successful show but with his better, more personal material already used up. Despite his hard-man poster he looks more like a history teacher and it is a pleasure to listen to him and his delivery is quite enjoyable - he comes across as a likable guy that you'd be happy to hang out with in the pub. He has a few good moments, including one unforgettable line about Intelligent Design (Creationism re-branded to sound less religious). He has talent, some interesting concept, good delivery and clearly the power to write some very strong jokes. It's a shame I didn't get to see his stronger show last year but this is a nice introduction to someone I will certainly go back to see in future years. 7 out of 10.

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