10 August 2008

Jon Richardson - Dogmatic

Jon is clearly a very clever person with an eye for the scientific and word play. Last year his debut show, Spatula Pad, won him a nomination for Best Newcomer. This year he is back and successfully manages to avoid the dreaded 'second show syndrome'. He talks about what annoys him but he is continually cheery and to describe him as 'spouting hate' or whatever other reviewers have is too much off the mark. Clever, positive and full of interesting and accurate observations about what irritates many people is a far better description. He did manage to get a couple of good belly laughs in his show and worked at times with the audience (a good sign of growing in confidence and stature as a comic) and has a very bright future ahead of him. The second comic this year to use the word "tautology" and the first to use "pipette" in his show. He has confirmed his place in my diary for next year - 8 out of 10.

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