31 July 2008

Jim Jefferies - Hammered

Last year Jim provided us a strong, quick moving set with some heart-felt revelations about his life that really made you feel a connection with him. This year, possibly due to this being his opening night, his show does not have a rhythm yet and it feels like a series of disjointed stories, rather than one flowing performance. He does, as always, make some very interesting points and get several good laughs about the topics, but it feels quite superficial and lacks the real edge he had last year. Probably with a long opening weekend under his belt he'll be flowing but when you pay £8 for preview tickets in the second largest venue in Edinburgh, I would expect such an established performer to be ready from day one.
Another 7 out of 10 but with the belief that when he gets going he'll probably move up to an 8, same as last year.

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