9 August 2008

James Dowdeswell - No More Mr. Nice Guy

Same venue, straight after but which a fraction of the crowd (and by that I mean a low fraction not 9/10 or even a top heavy 11/10). Again, I first caught James performing on Edinburgh and Beyond (broadcast on Paramount Comedy) the same as Henning, and he did more than enough to convince me to pay good money to see him. A friend also saw him live last year and really enjoyed him so expectations were high despite the surprising low turnout. Unfortunately, like any show with a reduced audience, if everyone doesn't laugh at a gag, and laugh loudly, it becomes eerily tense and you notice the empty spaces more. Quickly in to James's show that became apparent and despite the noise created by his key audience participator, you couldn't help but fell the atmosphere was dying. He did tell some good stories and have some funny gags but if your act is based around long-ish stories rather than quick fire gags you need a big audience to get away with it. James is a decent stand-up with an interesting take on things but with no gags to really set the show on fire. He is one to keep your eye on (or maybe he can keep his lazy eye on himself?) and at the very least, provides a good warm up to the evening. 7 out of 10.

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