9 August 2008

InvAsian - Family

A year without any live martial arts and I'm really looking forward to this. In previous years Jump have charged steep prices for their shows however even they never tried £16 per ticket! But for an hour and a mins it should be decent value, especially as they are BOGOF through Friends of the Fringe. The first thing of note with hindsight is that the show is actually only 45 minutes long! Basically the concept is two families competing for a major award; one is a family me martial art expects and the other are break-dancing divas. Unlike the amusing shows by Jump, the story is irrelevant and there are no actual laughs. What you do get is some interesting and impressive body popping and some death defying and deadly kung fu moves. If either of these things are your bag then go and see it. If you want more than dozens of balsa wood boards being shattered at up to 15' in the air then you'll have to find yourself another show. I fall into the later and as it fixes my need for watching people do things I wish I could it earns a 7 out of 10.

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