21 August 2008

If.com Eddies 2008 Winners, erm, Nominations are Announced

For what may look like a strange decision, the reduced nominations for the 2008 IF.com Eddie Awards have been announced. First on the list is the hot favourite, Rhod Gilbert. Also on the list is the equally relaxed but not perfect, David O'Doherty, bouyed by his particularly strong finish. Russell Kane Has apparently put in a fast paced and well stocked show (I'll be finding out on Sunday) and the joint winner of the Barry Award in Melbourne this year, Kristen Saachal, is the fourth for her two person 'play' (in quotes as plays aren't allowed so it can't be a play). I assume heated debate went on as whether it was Sammy J or Andrew Lawrence who was going to get the final place when someone piped up 'but we are going to give it to Rhod [not least of all to avoid a riot], let's not bother with a fifth'. Sadly, the certainty of Rhod's much deserved victory, especially after his bizarre snub last year, has meant one more act doesn't have a chance to print on next year's posters 2008 nominee.

As for the newcomer award, they have gone one further and reduced it to only three nominees. Sarah Millican has been a strong candidate for sometime (but her remaining run has been sold out for quite a while with no additional shows in sight so I can't add my personal approval) and although Mike Wozniak is an unknown quantity (until Sunday again), it seems inevitable that Sarah will get it. I think they decide to avoid controversy on the night and simply not nominate the excellent Josh Howie for his bold set which confused and upset many. It's therefore easier to placate the mainstream and go with the more acceptable choice. That's fine if she's genuinely the best but why deprive Josh (and one other based on history) with the honour of having his debut show recognised forever.