9 August 2008

Henning Wehn & Otto Kuhnle - 1000 years of German Humour

I've seen Henning do stand-up (on TV) before and he is really quite good. It quickly becomes apparent that his partner, Otto, is mainly there for his impressive, but critically not funny, musically abilities. This really reduces Henning's performance to 30 minutes which is not a good thing. We basically get a bit of lesson in the history of German humour with some mildly funny segments along the way with an impressive array of props. A strong opening gag from Henning and a strong closing one add and extra sense that the show was better than it actually was, but in truth, it delivered what it said it would and going in expecting stand-up for 55 minutes was unrealistic. If you are happy with a mix of sketches, dry humour, musical instruments and the odd well crafted gag then you'll enjoy this. Next year I'll hope that Henning does a solo stand-up show. 7 out of 10.

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