1 August 2008

Brendon Burns - Fuck You, I'm Brendon Fucking Burns!

Last year's If.com Eddie Award winning, Brendon Burns, returns with a show in part milking his success as well as exploring the 'Fuck You, I'm ' attitude. Notable patrons include Paul Thomas Anderson, Arnold Schwarchnegar and multiple musicians. It's an interesting idea and if you get bored with any routine you can always just look at his two semi-glad amazonian warriors who are sprawled across the stage on either side of him. He doesn't have the blind aggression anymore, in part it has been replaced by joy and almost happiness. It's a fun show which entertains but never pretends to be anything more than a mix of celebration and zero-pressured writing, after all he's Brendon Fucking Burns. BTW for his final gag there will be one less 'contributor' to it - I know I have it on my desk! 
8 out of 10 and looking forward to business as usual next year once the celebrations are over.

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