30 July 2008

Andrew Lawrence - Don't Just Do Something, Sit There!

Two years ago I saw Andrew perform in his 'Best Newcomer Nominated' show, How to Butcher your Loved Ones. Whilst he was well prepared and had good delivery, I didn't find his material too funny (although I accepted other people may) and I felt he was limited in what he could do for the future. Last year he ditched the keyboard and did straight stand-up which got him a nomination for the top award. I didn't want to go and see him as I knew what his style was like and failed to see how he could have made such a dramatic change in 11 months. I did however decide to give him another chance on the opening preview night of this year's festival and I'm so glad I did. He's simply brilliant. He has taken all his strong points and added an extra, more mature quality whilst still touching on the puerile and infantile. He's keep in his ability to reel off a dozen of so complicated things in quick succession without pausing, and wrapped it tightly in with wide ranging material across a wide spectrum of laughs. This year his show looks at the three main areas of life that people waste chasing: Careerism; Materialism and the Pursuit of Physical Perfectionsim. Thanks to Andrew's effortless self-deprecating and (bizarrely) likable efforts, I had tears of laughter streaming down my face through-out the entire hour.
10 out of 10 and a strong contender for this year's top prize.

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