27 July 2008

The Dark Knight Review by Anagrams

Indeed, it was a dark night (well afternoon, actually). Allow me to enlighten you with accurate reviews of The DK by means of carefully constructed anagrams. My first touches on the film as a whole event and it is "The Emperor's New Clothes". The astute amongst you will have notice that I had to borrow and swap a few letters to construct that anagram but I figured if vast numbers of otherwise sane people could pretend that The DK was a good film then surely I could be afforded a similar bizarre privileged...

Next, let me capture the whole story that the film gets its grounding in with the anagram "Holy Plotless Wonder". I guess I should now cover the leg-end Heath Ledger and his performance. Ignoring one good initial scene where his Jack-inspired mannerism were good the first time you see them, his overall performance can be summarised with "The Joke is on (pause to clear excess saliva from mouth because that's all you need to do a hundred times to portray madness) us". Finally we need to end with the directing and the apparent darkness of the piece with "Colourful Copycats Mr Bond" (that was what the opening half hour was going for wasn't it? Morgan Freeman playing Q...).

As I started out by saying, it was a dark night and try as I might, I'm not getting those 3 hours or my money back. 6 out of 10 - Okay but too much padding. Tickets must be free or you need to be able to fast forward segments!

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