11 August 2007

Xenu is Loose: Only Scientology Can Save Us Now

A parody of Scientology. That's all I read before leaping to buy tickets for this show. Now I know it's also a musical comedy set in the present day when Xenu is released from prison and comes to destroy Earth. It's a quick moving production with some good set choices but it suffers from the age of the cast and comes across as a relatively high school production (the actors are early 20s but I'm nearly 30 and think of myself as mid 20s so that makes them late teens). Xenu has a really impressive costume and comes across as quite confident (even covering up a girl cracking up in laughter). That is a little bit of a theme as there were several mistakes: guitarist falling through the open door; right-click menu appeared on projector screen; stage directions came over mic (come back from the front because of feedback). Okay let's cut to the chase: it was fun, the final confrontation was funny especially with the Tom Cruise reference and the show didn't drag. Above all that it took a stab at Scientology and that's worth me paying money for (unless of course Scientologists were doing it tongue-in-cheek). Three laser beams out of five.

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