5 August 2007

Will Adamsdale - The Human Computer

Two years ago Will Adamsdale appeared in Edinburgh with a short-run show called Jackson's Way. It got noticed and with a bit of help from Stewart Lee the show got extended and out of nowhere Will landed the main comedy award the then Perrier Award. Will's new show is spilt into three sections. He talks about computers as the technophobe that he is and shares his observations. He then builds a fully interactive 'human computer' that we help interact with and he follows our instructions. Unfortunately something happens and Will is trapped inside this computer and spends the final third trying to escape. The whole piece is delightfully put together with a perfect mix of observation, audience interaction and story telling. His performance is strong and his set is divinely inspired. The audience erupted with a huge round of deafening applause when he finished and my hands still hurt the next day. I now regret even more that I didn't get to see Jackson's Way when I had the chance. Will has now joined my list of elite comics that I rush to book before even looking at who else is playing (they are Demetri Martin, Phil Nichol and now Will Adamsdale, plus Mark Thomas and Robert Newman but they are for different reasons). My first full FIVE pointer stars out of five! Sheer brilliance!

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