20 August 2007

Updated If.com Eddies Awards & Week Two of Fringe '07

Two thirds of the festival gone and we are only a few days from the official nominations for the second If.com Eddies Awards. I'm delighted to reveal my informed choices for who should be in contention: Outsiders for the main award are two of last year's nominees David O’Doherty and Paul Sinha - both worthy of another nomination. Russell Howard drops out of the running as his show wasn't up to last year's standard. Two former Best Newcomer Nominees come storming into contention, firstly Michael McIntyre and more-so Rhod Gilbert who has been a stronger contender for the top award since I saw him on the very first day of the festival. The only person who can possibly beat Rhod to the crown is Lawrence Leung for his hysterical show about trying to be cool. This race is too close to call right now... As for the Best Newcomer Award well still the only candidate is Nina Conti and I think she deserves it too. Finally onto the best of the Festival so far, the 'must-see' list consists of Will Adamsdale, Jerry Sadowitz, Phil Nichol, Frank Skinner and of course Rhod Gilbert and Lawrence Leung.

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