11 August 2007

Tom Stade - Setlist

I saw Tom Stade perform last year but not his stand up act, it was as the intimidating brother of Phil Nichol in True West. His comic personality is so markedly different from the brute he played then - it's as if he is performing whilst high. Tom comes on stage with an A1 white board with his set list written up, albeit with a couple of re-arrangements in red. The concept is this is all the jokes he's never performed combined into a new show. There are some good gags in there and Tom does his best to try to segue between them although tonight's front row consists of four middle aged women who are at their first comedy show (I over heard them in the bar when they arrived loudly). Not the normal annoying hen party, quite the opposite in fact as Tom struggles to get anything from them. Within five minutes one of their phones goes off and they seemed to show no remorse for it. Sadly their presence causes Tom to skip over some of his more edgy material (minus a point) but he keeps coming back to them and finally cracks it and gets them to laugh at a few things (plus a point). Over all it wasn't a great show but I think a different night might have been a different outcome. Three marker pens out of five and I think he'll get another shot next year.

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