5 August 2007

Tom Allen ... And Other Short Stories

Tom Allen is a very young, confident and slightly camp-sounding performer who regaled us with several short stories about his life. He doesn't do jokes, just shares with us interesting moments in his life that have humorous aspects to them. His unfaultering delivery was quite astounding for one so young, although the show felt more like a one-man show than a comedy performance. A couple of his jokes were a little bit obvious but his performance was quite engaging and you were happy to be along for the journey. Probably the easiest way to improve a future show would be to co-write it with someone who could steer it more towards comedy to provide more opportunities in the future. As it stands it was a good show but I don't think I'd return to see him next year unless his style evolved into something focusing heavier on laughter. It will be interesting to see where he is in a few years as his professionalism on stage was really quite surprising. Three scout-badges out of five.

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