3 August 2007

Stewart Lee - 41st Best Stand-Up Ever!

Stewart Lee is a great stand up. He is meticulous in his wording and delivery and the control he exerts on his audience is almost unrivalled. His work leaves a lasting impression in your mind, not least of all thanks to his use of repetition. As always some other 'comics' get slaughter with the stunning delivery and I'm delighted to say this year that was Russell Brand (I'm ignoring Tom O'Connor as I don't believe that was part of his subtle attack) - well deserved! Other things (quite rightly) humiliated were the Daily Mail, Tabliods, Richard Littlejohn, Jimmy Carr, Al Murray's audience (who agree with his xenophobic jokes) and of course Channel 4 even though he is performing in the E4 sponsored venue. Most of the British population don't get away either as they are primarily idiots who have no idea of comedy or art, much like the 20 or 30 people who control television. This swipe is definitively backed up by what 'the public' vote as the funniest thing on TV every year - Del Boy falling through the bar in Only Fools and Horses. A really poetic and artistic end to his show leaves your mind open and refreshed, hopefully remembering his poignant argument that political correctness is a necessary softening of the language to negotiate and try to stop the abuse and pain previously inflicted. If you want to go and see a smart, intelligent comic who will remind you of all the bad things in the UK to avoid (see above) then make sure you catch him - he's just not for everyone (such as those people who think the funniest thing ever on TV was Del Boy falling through the bar in Only Fools and Horses). Three politically correct stars out of five - I will be back to listen to him again next year.

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