7 August 2007

The Second Annual If.com Eddies Awards & Week One of Fringe '07

Okay, one week into the festival - who's hot and more importantly who's going to be up for the awards? I have to believe Nina Conti has to be a strong bet for the best Newcomer Award. Her show's really funny and packed full of a wide range of segments showcasing her full range. As for the main award, Michael McIntyre is really getting a great buzz at the moment having put in several great shows. Last year's nominees David O'Doherty, Russell Howard and Paul Sinha (the last two I've had to cheat and ask friends about) should all re-appear plus one surprise outsider. Finally, unable to be nominated for the awards, Will Adamsdale and Jerry Sadowitz are so far the two best other shows around at present, in fact Will's is the best I've seen and the only five star show! Staking my reputation on one person I haven't seen and don't know anyone who has seen the show, I would say Phil Nichol also deserves to be in the 'must see' category. I'll find out on Friday just how good this year's show is compare to the excellent The Naked Racist and even better Nearly Gay.

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