2 August 2007

Robin Ince - Knew This Would Happen

Robin Ince is a very well read and intellectual comic with a lot of really interesting and asute things to say. He takes us on a journey like a trendy sociology teacher (a reviewer described him as that and it comes up in the show). Appearing on stage with several dog-eared, post-it note filled books probably gives you a good idea of what the next sixty minutes is going to be like. Don't get me wrong, he's nothing like Mark Thomas or Robert Newman who have major points in their shows. Robin is similar to Stewart Lee, taking occasional pot shots and well-deserving targets, such as the ever popular Daily Mail. Tonight's performance was only his second preview and was packed full of material, some good and some bad. There are also the tangents that Robin disappears on that seems to eat into his hour's performance. If Robin got rid of some of the silly, almost childish parts (probably in because the show is still a work in progress) I think he'd be really hot. Who else could talk about Orchid Beetles in a comedy show and get a laugh? I would recommend Robin Ince to most people, especially if they enjoyed science in school (astronomy, biology and physics are all touched on), however I think it's really important to see him towards the end of his run when the show is properly arranged and tight (that's my plan for seeing him next year). Until then he gets 3 stars (large bodies of exploding gas that is) out of 5 and a 'go see him' endorsement but with the preceding caveat.

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