5 August 2007

Rich Hall

Rich Hall is back in Edinburgh doing semi-political comedy but this year doesn't mention Dubya at all (except to say that he hasn't mentioned him). Rich is a total professional; he interacts with the audience with such friendliness and controls the situation when the (drunk) hecklers start getting out of hand. He is at the top of his game. He has a lot of things to say, mostly about things that annoy him but if you had a gravely voice like his wouldn't you adopt that mannerism? Yes he has a political message but so long as you are aware of the antics of the household names of Gore, Cheney and Bin Laden then you'll be fine (and if you don't you must be living in the cave next to the last one for the last few years). His show ran on as he started improvising and found himself stuck and needing a big finish. He used the only one liner he has ever written and I thought it was quite funny. As that was apparently only the second time he'd used it, I want to share it with you now: 'I was in this restaurant in Germany waiting for my meal and the waiter came over and put a plate down with two dots on it. I said to him "no I ordered an omelet"!' I laughed... Four carbon footprints and I'm glad to have finally seen this real pro live.

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