4 August 2007

Reginald D. Hunter - F*ck You in the Age of Concequence

Last year's winner of the Writers' Guild Award for Comedy, Reginald returns with a new show as good as ever. His writing is really good and his delivery is strong, relaxed and friendly. It's like listening to an author reading his favourite work, some other critics have described it as hypnotic. His material is guaranteed to make you think as well as laugh. He has some much to say but doesn't get involved with cliches or politics which is another refreshing aspect to his show. The biggest down side was his flow and the atmosphere in the audience kept getting interrupted by the strong winds ripping through the E4 Udderbelly making the lights and scaffolding swing and the sides and curtains flare up in an unhealthy noise. Reg dealt with it professionally and took time out to ad-lib so as now to have things overshadowing his prepared performance. It also ended slightly early but I think that was because of the interruptions ruining parts of a build-up. If you went to see him in a week on a still night he'd probably deserve four stars but I'll have to wait until next year to find that out. As it stands, three FU films out of five but that's mainly due to things beyond his control.

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