12 August 2007

Punt and Dennis – Stuff and Nonsense

I loved Punt and Dennis as a teenager, I thought their material was great and just the right level of satire. Needless to say I was happy to pay a large amount of money to see them live and in the flesh. After a good opening gag, Steven Punt walking out on stage by himself. He explains that Hugh has this superstition where he wants to come out on stage doing one of his legendary impersonations. With baited giggles we wait until a Hugh comes out doing an amazing Raptor impression. Painfully funny and it deserved to be reprised several times throughout the show! Their show is a collection of well linked observations about everything from politics and the Olympics (bad for Britain), to flat lazy teenagers and TV over the years (including a fleeting cameo of ‘Milky Milky’ to which half the audience erupted and the other half whispered to their laughing friends ‘what’s that?’). It was a hectic hour of continual satire and political comment delivered flawlessly by a perfectly balanced duo. An absolute treat to finally see them live – five clipboards out of five!

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