17 August 2007

Paul Sinha – King of the World

Paul delivered a stunning show last year talking about his life as a gay Asian doctor obsessed with football (and Liverpool). How could he possibly match that award-nominated show? Well he has and it’s great. Paul has a strange style where he technically rants about things that bother him and delivers other anecdotes without seemingly telling any jokes but what comes is intelligent and amusing stories delivered in such an amiable way that just grabs your attention and admiration. This year he describes the times he has felt like 'King of the World', as well as those when he felt he was 'Twat of the World'. The stories flow so exquisitely and they pack so much entertainment, social comment and amusement in them it's really quite different from any other comic on the circuit. He deserves to be nominated again for the top award - four quiz shows out of five and a proud part of my must-see list for this year and next!

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