5 August 2007

Paul Merton & His Impro Chums

When Paul Merton walked out a few metres on stage in front of me I was in heaven! I was a big fan of his stand-up and really enjoyed his show although I'm less keen on his improvisation work but that's just because of the strength of his surreal stand-up. He then takes my breath away further by introducing Richard Vranch, the pianist from Whose Line Is It Anyway? The rest of the cast are Jim Sweeney (now performing in a wheelchair due to the effects of MS), Andy Smart and (soon to shock herself with some really risque words) Suki Webster. Tonight's performance included a variation on the erm game, Freeze & Switch, Audience Suggestions, 3 man interview (one person played by three men) and finally Lost Shakespeare. The show was quite funny as you never really expected what was going to come next. The only downside is that the comedy was a bit shallow and all about speed rather than substance. [I thought my audience suggestion was quite good although it wasn't picked. They said suggest something like 'two sumo wrestlers' or 'a man at a peep swho' and so I suggested the situation of 'someone without a spell checker'] As glad as I am that I've finally seen them live, I can only give them three audience-suggested stars out of five but I would recommend everyone to go them see them once (although they are already sold out for this year).

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