6 August 2007

Nina Conti - Complete and Utter Conti

Finally, she's back in Edinburgh! Nina Conti and her exceptionally talented partner, Monk (the Monkey), to deliver more mischief. One of the key aspects to Nina's performance is the cheekiness of Monk and her embarrassed and innocent reaction. In her first full length Edinburgh show Nina let's the monkey take control and present a couple of TV shows. These include a Trisha take-off where Monk is hidden in the audience out of sight, a brief talent contest with some new puppets and documentary piece from a voodoo expert. These all come off quite strongly although the could be a little bit tighter and maybe benefit from a bit of direction (as the top comics have taken to utilising). Nina does two pieces where she believes she is her own grandfather and speaks as him talking to a puppet of his late wife. It's quite impressive acting but it saddens the audience and takes away from the vibe she has got going with the audience. One other minor point, Monk doesn't need to use the most extreme swear words to get a laugh, softer ones work better for him. Her crescendo (or climax if you will for those who have seen the show) is a really good extension of an idea she's had before but brilliantly executed. I think she's a strong contender to win the Best Newcomer Award! Four pint glasses out of five!

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