2 August 2007

Michael McIntye - Live at the Pleasance

A star is born! Awesome! Great stage presence! Wonderful audience interaction! These are all my words about a genuinely funny guy who nobody could dislike. Last year Michael had some good material but at the beginning he was a bit short. That was because there were only 15 people in the audience and so very difficult to interact with and break off into different areas. For this year's preview, there were about 100 people packed in and he was on fire! The former University of Edinburgh student felt so at home with the heavily mixed crowd and went through areas as diverse as terrorism, politics, human interaction and his own life. His comedy is a perfect mix of story telling, observational, audience interaction and even surreal thoughts capped off by being very clean (maybe three or four swear words throughout the entire show). The only thing he missed was maybe one or two sidesplitting jokes - if only he could have lifted his bus story from last year into this show (but people would have noticed). You must go and see him this year, I'll be stunned if he is not nominated for the IF.com Eddies Award. Four big smiles out of five - he'll go very far!

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