5 August 2007

Josie Long - Tryin' Is Good

There was a lot of talk about Josie Long last year when she scooped the inaugural If.com Eddies Best Newcomer award. The Evening Standard describe her as "the most distinctive comic of her generation and too delightfully indiosyncratic to be mainstream". Once you learn that the Evening Standard is a stable mate of the Daily Mail maybe then you won't be surprised to learn that quote is quite overblown. Josie is good and is certainly quirky with a lot of hyperactive energy. Despite what the Evening Standard says she just follows the normal path of the standard stand-up comic: make a statement/joke, act out a situation which that last line just described and maybe one more. Nothing special her although her personality and *some* subject areas make it slightly different. She is not however, anywhere near the brilliance and uniqueness of either Demetri Martin, Daniel Kitson or Phil Nichol. Think of her if you will as a quirkier modern Victoria Wood, even bearing a slight physical resemblance to her too. It's the type of show you would send someone's mother to go and see - and there were a lot of middle aged women in the audience. As for me, she was good and entertaining but she sits on top of a pile of well performing comics with a solid hour show but not enough laugh-out-loud material (such as Russell Kane and Andrew Lawrence). Three paintings out of five.

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