9 August 2007

Jim Jeffries - 30

There are all sorts of warnings and disclaimers about Jim Jeffries about the language he uses and him doing offensive comedy. I think these warnings may put people off seeing an observant, interesting and above all funny comedian. As Jim often closes a show with, 'if you've been offended by anything I said today the grow up as it's just a joke' (paraphrased you understand). Jim starts with a really funny opener about infanticide after birth (by crushing a baby's head in if you must ask) and it got a huge laugh. He then went on to talk briefly about his solution to teenage pregnancy, outed several famous paedophiles (such as Elvis having sex with a 14 year old Priscilla and Charlie Chaplin sleeping with a 13, 14 and 15 year old apparently) before moving on to longer stories including being diagnosed with 'dick cancer' and his childhood (including porn mags and a vibrator). He ended with him being assaulted last year by an Irishman who was abused as a child and didn't like the material he heard. Rather than walk out he walked on stage and punched Jim several times. All in all his show was thoroughly engaging with some good material and times when you found yourself laughing at some outrageous jokes. What it boils down to is the jokes Jim tells, whether they offend anyone or no one, are funny. Four pints of beer out of five and I'll seeing him again next year!

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