3 August 2007

Jerry Sadowitz- Comedian, Magician, Psychopath

I was weary about got to see Jerry because of the really offencive things he's said in the past with the (seemingly) sole intention to shock. My mate (take a bow Bob) also warned me having seen him the first night. He must have forgot a lot of lines and routines last night as tonight he was brilliant. Yes there is a frightening large amount of swearing but it adds to the anger and comedy. I would say tonight the better part of his act was his 'stand-up' and then the magic (considering he is widely-regarded as one of the best close up magicians in the world that's saying something). There's no really story to his work, just seemingly random rants on all diverse subjects. I think I only found two gags, maybe three at most, un-funny and that wasn't a question of taste. The best gag was whilst doing a trick with 2 coins he said "now watch closely, like Mr and Mrs McCann should have been doing". He then went into a great routine that was quite well received all things considered. Four chosen cards out of five - go and see him this year, he's worth £13.50 of anyone's money!

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