14 August 2007

It's Time For Action - No More Bottom Left Blue Info Bar On Sky Sports!

For the 2007/8 season, Sky have redesigned their on-screen graphics and moved the info bar containing the score and time to the bottom left of the screen, from the top left where all other broadcasters have it. The new position in the bottom left of the screen means that part of the playing surface and players are being covered up during the game. The bottom left of the screen almost always shows active parts of the pitch, however the previous position in the top left only shows areas of the crowd for 90% of the game and thus can be covered with a non-transparent graphic quite comfortably.

This has annoyed me, and many other people, greatly. As we pay a large monthly subscription to watch Sky Sports we should not have areas of the game blocked out unnecessarily when the info bar can be positioned quite happily in the top left of the screen. To that extent I have created an online petition to insist Sky move the bar back to the top left where it belongs and where it will not disrupt the coverage. Please sign it if you feel the same.