6 August 2007

Gamarjobat - Rock & Roll Penguin

Gamarjobat are a couple of Japanese visual comics that can entertain people of all ages all around the world with their physical comedy without words. I saw them two years ago putting on a good performance and I though this year it was probably worth going to see them again. The show is split in two, the first half being the new material about rock and roll penguins (them being two and a stuffed penguin being their drummer at the back) and the second half is mostly a reprise of their magic and gags from the first half of their previous show (the better stuff). Their visual humour is simple, clean fun for all ages, although you do find yourself regressing back to childhood when you fall under their spell. It's a show that is delightfully straight-forward with juggling, tricks, slight of hand and universal humour. It does have a tiny sexual innuendo in as well as a tiny bit of 'thrusting' but nothing to prevent you taking even the youngest child (well, okay, maybe not a baby two or three days old). Three false hands out of five.

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