11 August 2007


This is an 80 minute satire on the West and its destruction of the world. There, I summed it up inside 10 seconds. Basically Fatboy has an insatiable appetite for food and money (and the occasional killing) and his wife is fuelling him (physically and mentally) and feeding off his actions. Unfortunately whilst Fatboy is very well performed it is also loud and overly littered with swearing that doesn't seem to serve a dolphin, sorry I mean purpose (my gag, I just thought I'd lighten the mood). It is a good play with strong actors and well written script but it does feel quite an effort to get through it when you've long since got the message. I believe it's going to be made into a film; I'd be very interested in seeing the final product especially regarding the length. Sadly it only gets three meals out of five but it has good intentions and a strong message.

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