7 August 2007

David O'Doherty - It's David O'Doherty Time!

Stop - it's David O'Doherty time! Last year's If.com Eddies Award Nominee returns with another good show with stronger dialogue but probably slightly weaker songs (although he did an encore of Slightly Super Human Powers). He couldn't re-do last year's gag in his intro song FAQ for the DOD about looking like Alf (it's so accurate!) but it was still a strong start. The show has some educational and funny Fact Attacks separating out stories and trademark songs played out on his mini electronic keyboard and new rap-master. He's no Demetri Martin but his very special in his own way. His best gag was a killer about his first understanding of Argos and there were a few good songs, the strongest being about catching up with a friend he hadn't talked to in ten years and telling her all the things he had apparently done in the last decade. Overall I think it was at least as good as his nominated show from last year (better if you include his special encore) so I think he's going to be pushing hard for the top comedy award this year too. Four white garments out of five!

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