5 August 2007

Breaker Morant

This is a play about the Courts Marshall (the correct plural of Court Marshall) of three Australian "commandos" serving in the Boer War. The leader was the eternally philosophically happy Harry Morant, played perfectly by Adam Hills and his lieutenant was proud and aggressive, again good casting with Brendon Burns taking this role. In short the play highlights a very dark point in the history of British Military 'Justice' but then if you look at recent miscarriages of justice including Deepcut then nothing much has changed over the last 100 years. The cast perform well and the story builds to it depressing end, instilling anger in any decent viewer. The scene change is signalled by a powerful double hit of a drum which is a nice touch and builds the tension further. It's not as good as last year's Talk Radio but it conveys the story and message very well. It's a good history lesson but it doesn't really move you, other than in the aforementioned shame about British 'justice'. The set is clever and well used with the sole exception of the bottom right corner or the Union Flag - the red and white are the wrong way round! Other than that unnoticeable flaw, a solid production that probably got the best out the main cast. Three khakis out of five.

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