5 August 2007

Andy Zaltzman - Utopia

Andy Zaltzman is a great political comedy writer and is one of the lead writers for Bremner, Bird & Fortune. This, combined with my award of four stars should tell you all you need to know about this show. I've already recommended him to a close friend and when asked about what jokes he does I talked about the ballot paper, President Hu, political systems and the environment. Even I learnt things listening to him! What I'm trying to say is Andy Zaltzman is great and a must see show. But, if you don't follow politics or have a reasonable knowledge of international events then sadly you are going to be a little bit lost. If you after presentation over content then again, Andy is not for you. He made some excellent points, not least of all a wonderful attack on the worthlessness of a ballot paper in a first past the post system (as they use in England and for the UK general elections) and some great environmental observations. Expand your mind, go see him! Four utopias out of five.

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