5 August 2007

Adam Hills - Joymonger

This was a very weird experience. Adam started his show off with some great audience interaction but then went on to deliver 50 minutes of mediocre material. The actually content of his crescendo was not that great either. The weird part of it is that despite the soft material he managed to make it sound funnier and get a much better laugh by the enthusiasm and positive energy he put into his delivery. The climax of the show suddenly built into this massive diffusion of happiness that left every single person in the audience beaming with joy - hence the title Joymonger. I have never seen any comic transform material, let's say a low 3, into a solid 4 by their delivery and positive outlook but Adam Hills did! The last time Dara O'Brian was in Edinburgh performing he bombed quite spectacularly in the same venue. A broadsheet reviewer said something like 'Dara is someone who could make reading the FT100 sound funny yet he manages to perform an hour devoid of laughter'. I think we've found the real comic holy grail here - Adam Hills did transform okay material into a great show. I defy anybody to go and see him and not leave stuffed full of joyousness. I'm glad I've finally seen him live, you need to see him once too! Four limbs out of five!

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