7 June 2007

Pick Of This Year's Comedy Festival

It's that time of year again, the Fringe Guide 2007 is out now! For those people who would to speculate to accumulate, why not become a Friend of the Fringe. It was my leaving present from SNIPEF and I'm going to do it every year! Not only do you get to book for two full days before tickets are officially release (Friday and Saturday from 10am until 6pm), you also get hundreds of 2 for 1 deals lasting the entire festival! All this from prices starting at £17 for next year.

Anyway, on to more serious business: comedy. In order to give something back I've created the following two lists. The first is a list of red hot shows that are guaranteed to be sensational. The second is a list of really big names that should deliver during 2007 – very few big names do deliver against their reputation (you can just label those comics who live off their undeserved reputation as Extras). Either way, book your tickets and then come back to post comments on my reviews on 2007.

Absolute bankers (in order):
Phil Nichol (including his one night only reprise of last year's The Naked Racist)
Paul Sinha
David O'Doherty
Russell Howard (no, I'm not just listing the nominees for the Eddies from last year, I went to see these four last year because of the hype built up about them before the Festival)
Frank Skinner
Nina Conti
Newsrevue '07

Big names that should deliver (in no particular order):
Stewart Lee
Reginald D Hunter
Adam Hills
Jerry Sadowitz
Rich Hall
Sean Hughes
Puppetry of the Penis

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