20 June 2007

PhillG.com is Two Years Old Today! This Is The 300th Post!

Wow. Two full years. My little baby is growing up. And to top it all off, this is my 300th post and I've had over 200 comments (including some from a few long lost friends). What a year it's been. I've changed career, scared my replacement by my resignation notice and disappeared over the beginning of 2007 due to work commitment. The fact that this site is still averaging 150 posts per year is still an incredibly impressive tally – almost one every two days! So far this year I've already covered the upcoming Fringe and the Film Festival (EIFF) is still to come. I promise to make my third year more enjoyable than before. I'm just about to finalise the ability to have Guest Bloggers and I have a couple of interesting characters in mind. What three wishes would I chose if I could have anything? Everyone to read Greg Palast's two recent books (The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Armed Madhouse); contribute to Liberty and subscribe to Private Eye. Those three things will change your life forever. Oh yeah, and keep visiting my site!

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