11 April 2007

Life on Venus: Money, Not Art, Makes the World Go 'Round!

Despite numerous assurances that last night would be the end of Life on Mars, the BBC has confirmed a "sequel" - I think they mean spin-off but are too ashamed to use those words - starring DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), the star of the show, this time in 1981 and in London. They are replacing Sam Tyler (who decided he'd rather die in a coma than come back to life) with a female "sexy sidekick". I think we can all sleep soundly in the knowledge the new series lose the working title "Ashes to Ashes" and will in fact be called "Life on Venus". At least that explains the really poor finale, they had to end it that way to make out Gene's world is better than reality, hence chance for a sequel/spin-off. No wonder Philip Glenister described British TV industry as "screwed up" and run by "a lot of fools".

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