10 April 2007

Exclusively Revealed - The Ending to Life on Mars!

I can proudly reveal the ending to Life on Mars tonight. How? Because, although it is highly enjoyable, it's quite predictable when the do a plot. Usually they just introduce a new fact 15 minutes from the end that helps them solve the case. For those who don't want to know what happens, look away now!

1. Gene is a manifestation of the brain damage that Sam has been fighting off. He is all the bad things that you would do in Sam's policing world. When he finally defeats Gene, he comes out of the coma.

2. The temporary DCI (Morgan) is the surgeon and WDI (Annie) is a nurse who has been looking after Sam. She has always looked out for him.

3. We somehow find out that Sam has in fact been back in time, perhaps by the use of a photograph.

Now let's check back in a few hours and see just how right I was!

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