8 March 2007

I Take It All Back, I Love The World's Local Techie Bank!

I've just been into the new HSBC on Princes Street, following KT popping in there on Sunday. When she was in she paid money into my account without the need for a paying in slip or envelope. She simply entered my card, put the cash in the drawer, the machine counted it and credited it instantly to my account – on a Sunday! This gave me a case of the “I wanna see”s so I marched down their to get a piece of their Siemens action myself. Fortunately I had a cheque to pay in. Once again no envelope but I needed to use a paying in slip. I entered my card, put the paper in the compartment and then waited. It duly printed out my receipt with a miniaturised scan of my handwritten paying in slip and the cheque underneath it! My RBS friends weren't too impressed but the energy they put into dismissing it made it clear they were jealous. Technology in a bank getting me all excited, whatever next?

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